About us

Located in the heart of Rogaška Slatina, facing a magnificant park, the Grand Hotel Rogaška is a perfect example of timeless architectural class. With 194 historic rooms, every guests is transported back to the times of Princess Sissi (Elisabeth of Austria), Franz Joseph and of charming evening concertos performed by musician Liszt.

Times may change, but our dedication to upholding the charms and standards of this building remain the same. Our highly personalized 24-hour service, combined with authentic, elegant surroundings embodies a home away from home for our guests. Over the years, our staff have built an unrivalled level of reliability, trust and connection with our guests – a connection we continue to uphold.

The Grand Hotel Rogaška is a hotel that soothes and invigorates the body and mind.

Grand Hotel Rogaška
Zdraviliški trg 11
3250 Rogaška Slatina

SLKI, nepremičninsko upravljanje, d.o.o.
(SLKI d.o.o.)
Zdraviliški trg 11, 3250 Rogaška Slatina

IBAN SI56 0510 0801 5551 614 – ABANKA d.d., Slovenska cesta 58, Ljubljana

VAT Nr. – ID za DDV: 67126618